Version One: Preview // Download: pastebin - freetexthost
Version Two: Preview // Download: pastebin - freetexthost

Please leave the credit intact and do not move it to a secondary page. Do not copy, use as base, redistribute and/or claim this theme as your own.


  • All colors are customizable
  • 400/500px Posts / Show or Hide Caption
  • 150px Sidebar Image
  • Up to 7 custom links
  • Background and Endless Scrolling Option
  • Static or Hover Info and Tags (*version two only)
  • Lazy Load ? (optional)

How to install this theme?
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Theme 14. by armyofghosts

Static Preview | Code

  • 500px posts
  • Home link on sidebar image
  • 152px sidebar picture
  • Five custom links on dropdown
  • Optional hover updates box
  • I mean yeah I guess that’s it?

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Theme 13. by armyofghosts

Static Preview | Code

  • 500px posts
  • Home link on sidebar image
  • Ask and three custom links (that open in sidebar)
  • Optional:
    - Pop up ask box
    - Hover updates box
  • Sidebar title separate from blog title

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Theme 12

Preview | Code


  • supports all post types
  • 3 custom top links
  • custom drop-down menu title 
  • up to 6 extra link revealed when you click the menu button
  • pagination at the bottom of the page
  • option for 500px posts (it comes with 400px posts)
  • option for grayscale posts
  • option for tags to only appear on hover

SIDEBAR OPTIONS: (see 3rd picture above for previews)

  • option for smaller drop-down links (will appear as two columns)
  • option to hide sidebar title
  • option to add a border to the sidebar image
  • option to have the first letter of your description be big (this option is called “big letter”)

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Harmony - preview / code

A clean and simple 400px theme (with a 500px post option!). Caption and sidebar image visibility are optional. Four custom links are included.

**250px version here**


HYDRA MAINFRAME PAGE by ofmagicandice

v1 (with working username & password)

LP | Code

(Tab found here)

v2 (without working username & password)

LP | Code


  • Username & password fields
  • Error message (v1)
  • Custom title & favicon
  • Instructions included inside the code

There are two available graphics that you can choose from. (The first, from the first version, and the second, from the second version. You may choose whichever you like. Full credit goes to the amazing orphansoldier)

PS - If you want to use the first version of this theme, please note that both the username and password fields are case sensitive.


  • Please keep the credits intact and visible. Do not alter, move or remove the credits.
  • Do not steal it or claim it as your own.
  • You may edit the code however you please as long as you follow the rules. (Basic coding knowledge required)

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(Best viewed on Google Chrome. Resolution 1366 x 768)

S.H.I.E.L.D. version here

THEME   –  TWO WEEKS  by crimical

  • two custom links
  • 400px posts // 500px posts on the permalink pages
  • optional: hover info
  • a short description works best!





-SOME DARK EYESHADOW(black, greens and browns)
-SOME RED MAKEUP(lipstick, eyeshadow or whatever)
-2 HARD BIG BRUSH, 1 SMALL BRUSH, A MEDIUM SPONDGE(can be found at any hobby store. Take the cheapest you can find).

optional: powder brush and blue food dye.

Be super creative and make really gross wounds. To make it look deeper, just build up layers.
Rice and spaggeti can be used as worms and maggots.


Blitz means camera flash.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1 Episode 1 (x) Season 1 Episode 2 (x) Season 1 Episode 3 (x)
Season 1 Episode 4 (x) Season 1 Episode 5 (x) Season 1 Episode 6 (x)
Season 1 Episode 7 (x) Season 1 Episode 8 (x) Season 1 Episode 9 (x)
Season 1 Episode 10 (x) Season 1 Episode 11 (x)  
Season 1 Episode 12 (x) Season 1 Episode 13 (x
Season 1 Episode 14 (x) Season 1 Episode 15 (x)
Season 1 Episode 16 (x) Season 1 Episode 17 (x)
Season 1 Episode 18 (x) Season 1 Episode 19 (x)
Season 1 Episode 20 (x)  Season 1 Episode 21 (x)                           Season 1 Episode 22 (x

List of Live Action Marvel Movies

Howard and the Duck (x)
The Punisher (1989) (x
Captain America (1990) (x
The Fantastic Four (x
Blade (x
X-Men (x)
Blade II (x
Spider-man (x)  
Daredevil  (x
X2 X-men united (x)
Hulk (x
The Punisher (2004) (x
Spider-man 2 (x
Blade: Trinity (x
Elektra (x
Fantastic Four (x)  
X-men: The Last Stand (x)
Ghost Rider (x
Spider-man 3 (x
Fantastic Four: The Rise of Silver Surfer (x
Iron Man (x)
The Incredible Hulk (x
Punisher: War Zone (x
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (x)
Iron Man 2 (x)
Thor (x)
X-Men: First Class (x)
Captain America: The First Avenger (x)
Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance (x
The Avengers (x)
The Amazing Spider-man (x)
Iron Man 3 (x)
The Wolverine (x)
Thor: The Dark World (x)

Marvel Shorts

The Consultant (x)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer (x)
Item 47 (x)
Agent Carter (x)
All Hail the King (x